Thursday, January 8, 2009

8/365 Trees


I didn't really see anything interesting today. So, I challenged myself to choose one thing along the street that led to my destination and to shoot it and create a work of art once I got home.

I saw a group of trees along the side of the road and I was attracted to the arches that three of them made. There was lots of clutter around--telephone poles and wires, street signs. They all had to be cloned out. I converted it to black and white, burned the edges and there you have it. I love texture, but I didn't add it this time. I don't want all of the images to look just alike! Is this art? That's relative and I would say no! However, it's better than it was and I'm okay with that!

Lesson: You can create an interesting image without traveling too far from home. If you know you work better with some sort of plan in mind, make a plan, sketch the idea! It's okay to have notes on hand when you're out shooting!

Tomorrow: Portrait of a stranger.

1 comment:

Jo-Anne Price said...

Nice picture! I didn't even notice the arches the trees were making till you mentioned it! I'll have to look at things more closely :0)