Sunday, January 4, 2009

4/365 Late Night

4/365 late night

My intention was to post a portrait tonight, but my portrait session was pushed back and we started much later than we originally planned. I did not want to take more time in uploading images, working on them and posting a portrait, so I went to my Plan B--a night scene.

I wanted to have the lights from the cars help to paint the scene, so I slowed the shutter way down. The mistake: I hand held at a slow shutter while also balancing a somewhat long (and heavy) lens. There was no way this image was going to be sharp, but here it is as my Day 4 entry. I had my tripod in the car from the days session, but I felt uncomfortable being out late at night alone, so I didn't set up properly. I shot the scene and then picked up a cup of coffee to help me stay awake as I work a few hours tonight for my clients.

I make a commitment to myself to aim to post only my best work (even if it's uninteresting); My goal is to improve daily, step by step.

Lesson Learned: Aim for perfect exposure and perfect focus every time. Always show your best.

Tomorrow: Shoot an abstract object


Anonymous said...

Starbucks...It's like liquid crack. LOL

Jane said...

I like your inspirational and honest post and the photo too.

Anonymous said...

very yummy...

Jo-Anne Price said...

Because of your post I've learned something too ... not that I'm likely to be able to afford a big lens lol. Love the photo of the Starbucks coffee!