Sunday, January 11, 2009

11/365 Ode to Rock Stars and Stairs


It can be fun to look for interesting patterns when I'm out and about. Today I went scouting for a new location for an upcoming session. I noticed these stairs outside of a row of brownstones and stopped to compose. I chose the tree to the left to anchor the shot and to serve as an entry point for your eye. It leads you into the frame while the rows of stairs pull you down the path until you get to the stop sign right at the very end. Hopefully your eye circles back again and lingers for a bit before you move totally out of the frame.

I'm reading this really interesting book called Composition in Art and I'm trying to consciously implement the lessons when I shoot. If I do I am hoping I will create more pieces of art and not just a photograph. We'll see...

Because the buildings were beautiful colors, I chose to convert to black and white. That way the color is not competing with what I really want you to notice. I cropped in really close to make sure your eye has no choice but to see the patterns.

I'm noticing that I really like my black and white images dark. Perhaps because it's so dreary out lately and the darkness sort of matches the weather.

This next shot was a funny concept that I wanted to try out. I wanted to do a parody the shots you see of rock bands on CD covers. What do you think?

In the first shot, I shot from a low perspective (into the "sun") and put the band members on a "hill" so that the group looks strong. In the bottom right image, the leader is featured and the other guys are there, but out of focus. The other two are just silly shots. Well it's all silly!


Lesson: Love what you do and it will show in your images. Never stop learning and challenging yourself to grow.

Tomorrow: A slice of my day


Jessica Sell - Owner of A.E.P. said...

I love the stairs. I like the lego guys too. I will be looking into that book.

Jo-Anne Price said...

Awesome shot of the stairs!

Ken said...

Andrea, nice line study for the stairs. The trees are also doing some interesting stuff. too.!