Tuesday, January 27, 2009

27/365 blur


Ah...home again!

We spent a quick weekend doing something we both love! Nope, not that :-) Learning! I am married to an avid reader who enjoys lively debates. He's a male me! It's so cool to hang out with someone with whom I have so much in common.

I wasn't able to post, but I was snapping pics as we traveled by car to TN. I much prefer flying, but I actually suggested that we drive. It was nice though, we got to talk the whole way there and back. I'll share a few images from the road trip, just to keep up with the 365 project.

26/365 fire

We just happened to come upon this burning car as we drove past a local grocery store.

25/365 night haze

Something you don't normally see, a cityscape in black and white. I made the image a little more hazy than it needed to be and lightened so you can see more of the detail in the highlights. I did it just because.

24/365 It's Good to be King

One of my heroes.

23/365 Sleep

I can be a control freak, especially when it comes to traveling. I read reviews on hotels and look at all of the available pictures of the inside and outside of a potential hotel. This was the first time I EVER just picked a spot as I drove past it and agreed to lay my head on the bed without checking it out beforehand. It wasn't that bad and somewhat freeing!

Lesson: Life is good! Relax and enjoy the ride. :-)

Tomorrow: We'll see!


Jane said...

Super, super images. You have a talent for photo journalism for sure. Where are you going in TN?

Andrea said...

We were in Oak Ridge Jane! I just realized you were in TN! How close are you to Oak Ridge?

Anonymous said...

Great images. Sounds like you a really fun time. I love road trips.

Anonymous said...

What a nice collection. The city-scape is lovely. Your capture of the room in really good. The lighting makes a huge difference. I tried to photograph my pool room and wasn't impressed with myself. Nice job.

Kendra said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the cityscape - I want a copy so bad :).

Thanks, you just made me drool :).

Also, I'd love to know the story on the burning car. My friend and I were once stuck in traffic due to a burning car. We weren't that far from it and decided to find another way around. Once we got to a sideroad the burning car blew up. SO glad we moved :).

Kendra said...
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Andrea said...

Thanks ladies!

Kendra, I was with my children when we saw the smoke from the road. The oldest knew I was looking for a PAD so he suggested we get a closer look. Don't know any details, but I was praying that the car didn't explode. I think I felt "safe" because the firemen were on the scene shortly after we arrived.

Pam said...

I'm really behind on commenting. These are such great images! Awesome.

Jo-Anne Price said...

Great photos! They are like what you see in a newspaper!

Ken said...

Burning car, crazy! I don't know if I could have taken a picture. :) I tried a PAD once and then quickly decided it was better to take pictures at a normal pace and then post them one a day and maybe the oldest one is is about a week.