Friday, March 20, 2009

75/365 Death


This was not on my mind this afternoon when I was thinking about my photo of the day. As I drove through the streets of a nearby city, I felt as though I was being pulled in this direction, so I decided to just go with it. As I walked through the oldest part of this historic cemetery I was struck by the peacefulness of it all. I wanted to pay attention to my thoughts, my thoughts about being here. How was my body responding? Was I nervous? Afraid? I found that I was okay with the environment. As I thought about death and dying, I was okay with those things too. I felt at peace and really enjoyed being there.

As a child I loved horror movies and because of all of the things I chose to take in when I was younger, I had some scary thoughts and feelings attached to death and dying. I suppose today was the day that I actually confronted the last of my fears surrounding this issue.

Lesson: “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.”
(unknown source)


Jane said...

The black and white treatment of this really works Andrea. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting capture. B&W is perfection