Wednesday, March 11, 2009

68/365 Live!


"I shall get well! I shall get well!" he cried out. "Mary! Dickon! I shall get well! And I shall live forever and ever and ever!" Those are the words spoken by Colin as Chapter 20 of The Secret Garden closes.

I was reminded of Colin when I saw the house in my picture of the day. When we first meet him, he's very sick and close to death. He is angry, sad and uncared for like this house. By the time the close of the book draws near, Colin is very much like the buds to the right. He becomes vibrant, with ruddy cheeks and a new person blooms where the old one once lived. What changed? The very basic answer: his thoughts. He began to confess that he would live and not die. He began to believe in the deepest crevices of his heart that he would get well. Each day Colin began to confess what he believed to be true and then he would "act" as though it were true. In time, his body began to line up with his thoughts and his confessions. Colin learns to live

I placed a textured layer over the image above. The black color in the layer helped to bring out the saturated colors in the grass and sky. The tree branch that held the buds to the right was swaying in the wind when I tried to capture it by hand holding the camera. Because of the movement, I had difficulty finding a place to focus. I am starting to understand why it's suggested that one use a tripod with the macro lens. My images are much more pleasing when I take the necessary steps to do things the "right" way. :-)

Lesson: If you're unhappy with your present circumstances, create new ones.


HappyDaisy said...

Wow - I love both these photos - so bright and vibrant!

Lanna said...

I really like how the house turned out. Very Nice!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. The texture really makes it pop