Monday, March 9, 2009

66/365 Park

Today I pulled out the macro lens at the park and started out at this tree with white blooms. I focused and enjoyed the intricate details. Then I turned and looked back at my children and wondered when the last time was that I really focused on the intricate details of their lives. Sure we're together all the time, but I have not taken the time to really focus on the details in quite some time. I have been focusing on the details that make me, me.


I have discovered that I live my life in extremes. I go from one end to the other and slowly work my way back to the middle--a place of balance. I'm coming back to the middle with my family. I'm learning to enjoy my time alone, but understanding the need to enjoy being *with* the people in my life and not just taking up space.

I'm not sure what the bud is below, but I liked the contrast of it against the green leaves behind it. As I shot, I made sure to position myself so that I would have a pleasing background. The other shot is sand art. I don't know who the artist was, but I really liked what the artist created.


Lesson: Balance is key to living a full life.


Lanna said...

I really like the purple bud and the green behind giving it depth and interest.

Jane said...

Your beautiful photos and philosophical writings always give me a lot to think about!

Andrea said...

Thank you Jane!! Thank you Miss Lanna!