Thursday, March 12, 2009

69/365 Me (3)


A few months ago (has it been a year??) I listened to a friend as she spoke about her experience with her self portrait. For her it seemed empowering and enlightening. She encouraged me to give it a try and today I did! I will challenge myself to do a different one every 2 weeks or so to see how much of myself I will feel comfortable revealing. It was fun and I was able to see how my clients must feel when I'm pointing a big lens at them and asking them to relax! Yeah...right...relax!

I finished a small project today and rewarded myself with a tall white chocolate mocha! Yummy!

Lesson: Reward yourself for even the small accomplishments!


Jane said...

Andrea, you are beautiful . . . and what a wonderful idea for a self portrait.

Madeline said...

Beautiful! Maybe next time we get to see your magnificent face? : )

I just read much of this blog and am so impressed. These pictures and lessons are inspiring.

Andrea said...

Thank you Jane!

Hi Madeline!! Thanks for stopping by to take a look at the image you inspired. I feel like I'm stretching! Whew! Growing up can be hard work, but so worth it:-)!

Kendra said...

The first one is never easy...and maybe not the second one, lol, but it will be. I was mortified of being in front of the camera - now, its kinda empowering :).

LOVE your hair :).

Lady T said...

Nice photo! Do you think you'll use it for your profile pic?

Andrea said...

Thanks Kendra! Mortified? That's the perfect word. I do think it will get easier. You are my self portrait hero!

Well hello Lady T! I actually have been thinking of showing more of myself for my profile. We'll see!! Slow and steady! :-)