Monday, March 2, 2009

59/365 Love


Have you read The Tale of Despereux? If not, you're missing a treat. We are book lovers and we're always reading or listening to great books. I actually cried at the end and stood up to applaud! It's a wonderful story of love, forgiveness and redemption.

Speaking of good stories, I've never been so impacted by a movie as I was with the very simple story called Fireproof. It too, was about love, forgiveness and redemption. I could not ignore that recurring theme that was popping up in my life, so I ordered the Love Dare book and decided to take the challenge. Although the movie is Christian based it deals with a theme that transcends religions and I highly recommend it.

Like Princess Pea in The Tale of Despereux, and Caleb in Fireproof, I am learning how to forgive and to love unconditionally in order to save my own heart. I'm finding love to be a very grown up emotion that I've taken for granted for many years.

Lesson: Love is a decision.


Lanna said...

We must have a lot in common! My son is reading Tale of Despereux for school and my husband is reading Fireproof. On his request I got him the book and The Love Dare and the DVD (pre buy at that time) for Christmas. I'm waiting until he's done to read it and then we'll watch the movie. We didn't have a sitter to see it in the theater so we're looking forward to it! From what I know, you're right on, Love is a decision. I really like your photo for today too :)

Jane said...

Beautiful photograph and beautiful sentiment! We took our daughter to the tale of despereax and really enjoyed it. I haven't heard of the other book you mentioned but I'll have to check into it.

Tammey said...

Beautiful! I LOVE the photo and what you write. I've heard Fireproof was very good, but I haven't had a chance to see or read it yet. Although, I want to.