Thursday, March 19, 2009

74/365 Peace


Today was one of those days when I just felt like being whisked away if only for a moment. This image seemed to match that emotion. It wasn't a bad day, just busy...a little too busy.

This is one of my mom's images (from her trip to Switzerland) and I have the honor of editing them! I just added a little *punch* to this one, so it's sort of my image too! :-). Can you believe this was taken with the Canon Powershot? Not too shabby!

Lesson: Today I learned about boundaries. When to relax them and knowing when to put them firmly in place in order to maintain balance, peace of mind and physical safety.


Tammey said...

Wow, fantastic! Excellent color, fabulous composition, makes me a bit homesick.... great job!

Lanna said...