Friday, February 27, 2009

56/365 Color


It rained here all day. I had an idea that I wanted to try outside with one of my pinwheels, but it never stopped raining long enough for me to set up. So Plan B.

The first image is one I see every night and every morning because I taped it to the door of my bedroom. My youngest son drew it for me after I asked him to draw something for me a few months ago. I was beyond pleased to see this masterpiece and I was especially impressed with the way he decided to deal with the clouds and the sky! I love the awesome colors and the huge sun setting the sky ablaze.

I wanted to see the pinwheels alone in the grass, but it was too wet for me to get really down on their level and still be protected from the rain. I wasn't willing to sit the camera on the wet ground either. Now that the time has passed, I have all sorts of ideas regarding how I could have handled this situation. Ah well, tomorrow is another day!

The sun energizes me and these colors were the closest I could get to that sun today.

Lesson: Without the rain, you couldn't very well look forward to the sunny days.

Tomorrow: Me

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Anonymous said...

These have a youthful feel. Love the colors