Monday, February 23, 2009

52/365 Untitled


I couldn't think of a name for these images so I went with the default name that pops up when saving things in Photoshop! I'm so clever. :-) I loved this old rusty car next to the rusting structure right beside it. I just happened to notice the sign as I was shooting and pulled it into the frame for some "humor".

The office buildings you see on the right are just minutes away from the old car. I initially thought they had lots of interesting symmetry going on, but once I got home and really examined the image, I wasn't so happy. Personally I think there's way too much going on here. Too many different patterns, too many different lines, too many bushes and trees that don't really add to the architecture at all. To top it all off the 5 connected buildings are all different colors. I converted it to black and white to "calm" the image down some, but it's still rather busy, imo.

Lesson: Try to find the angles that will bring out the best in your image. How can you shoot your subject so that the mundane is interesting? How will you process the image to add even more interest? Just a few things to think about AS you are shooting... try to keep the final image in mind.

Tomorrow: Macro. Really!


Anonymous said...

Your posts are always a pleasure to check out. I LOVE the sign!

Tammey said...

Love these - the lines are fabulous!

Andrea said...

Thank you ladies for visiting! :-)

Jodie's 365 Project said...

I really like these shots Andrea! I'll bet the car photo would look good in b&w or some sort of sepia treatment, or maybe even grunge. I love old cars, they have so much character.

Jessica Sell - Owner of A.E.P. said...

Great shots! I like the abstract on the building and would love some closeups on the car!