Saturday, February 21, 2009

51/365 Girlz


At the beginning of 2008 I resolved to set aside time with friends once a month. As 2009 gets into full swing I am pleased to say that I've only missed a couple of months in a years time! I so look forward to those times away when I can really hear other voices and respond without looking at my watch or thinking about my next stop. Since I made the commitment to me, I now have 3 different sets of friends with whom I connect. Each group offers something uniquely different and I'm encouraged with every encounter.

Tonight my newest group met at a restaurant in the city. You create your own Asian meal and the cooks at Chow Baby cook it up for you. It's a wonderful idea and I look forward to going to a similar restaurant on the other side of the city very soon.

On my way home I went through a very busy section of town in an attempt to avoid highway traffic. I avoided the traffic on the highway only to get stuck in traffic on the surface roads. As I sat at a light waiting to move I stuck the camera out to grab this shot of one of our latest attractions. A mini version of the Arc de Triomphe? Perhaps I'll come back one day and get out to think about the best way to capture this structure.

Lesson: Make time to nurture friendships.

Tomorrow: Fun with chalk

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