Friday, February 20, 2009

50/365 Success


Success is getting out of bed every day and spending time doing what you love. Each day I get to experience AHA! moments with my children. I get to hear their every conversation and to see their eyes light up when they discover something for the very first time. I'm still here to wipe away tears, to climb trees and ride bikes. Success is pulling out my camera each day, purposefully finding ways to bring my imagination to life. Looking for ways to pull ideas together, growing more unafraid of failing because tomorrow is another day.

My definition of success is evolving. I'm not in a hurry to completely define it, I'm enjoying the process. The image today represents a small victory for me. Well, it's a great victory! This is a project that I planned to complete in the spring of 2008, but it never got off the ground for various reasons. Today I completed 12 proposal letters, addressed 12 envelopes and stuffed 12 bags with sample images and business cards.

I have had the recent pleasure of working with a phenomenal business coach. A woman who is committed to helping other moms find individual success in their respective businesses. She understands passion and she knows what it's like for a woman to want to push her own desires aside while tending to the needs of others. Thankfully she won't allow me to just toss my passion aside without first examining the reasons behind such a decision. More often than not the reason to lay ones passion aside stems from fear. Fear that the children will be damaged if I take an assignment or fear that hubby can't possibly cook his own meal, much less a few meals for the whole family! I've been afraid for a long time of fully being ME. I've quieted my desires and tried to put out the flames that burn inside of me, telling myself that I'll get to it later. What if later never comes?

I'm gathering the courage to put one foot in front of the other and I'm taking the kids with me! Hubby has always cheered for me and now I'm accepting the cheers as an invitation to take off! I'm fully embracing being a mom and entrepreneur. Next, I'll consciously work on becoming a better wife, daughter and friend. That may not be the *right* order, but it's the order for me, for now.

Thank you to The Business Coach for Moms! I appreciate being catapulted to success! The view from the top is nice indeed! :-)

Lesson: Examine the fear. Get the lesson it brings. Move forward.

Tomorrow: More macro.


Anonymous said...

I hope to, someday, be as successful as you. BTW I love the captures

Lanna said...

You are an inspiration! Thanks!

Andrea said...

Thanks for looking and reading Lanna and Karen!