Saturday, February 7, 2009

38/365 Yellow


I am discovering how calming photography is for me. Saturday's are a day of rest for us. It's a slow and quiet day and I actually look forward to just being with my camera. On other days, I'm usually pulled in several directions--all day, but Saturdays are wonderfully different.

Still getting to know my macro lens and what it can do. I loved the way the light from the sun made the symmetrical patterns on the bush behind the Kangaroo Paws. I wanted to back light the plant and got the added bonus of the flare from the sun.

Lesson: Pay attention to the light. It does some really beautiful and unexpected things.

Tomorrow: Slice of life


Jane said...

Beautiful background bokeh in this and the flower is nice and sharp. Pretty colors too. All around, wonderful macro!

Dana said...

Very unusual looking. Get job on the DOF and the bokeh is really pretty with the sunlight.

Jo-Anne Price said...

Totally AWESOME! Now these are the kind of photos I want to get from my Macro lens!

Candy said...

AMAZING! STUNNING! Just beautiful!

Andrea said...

Thank you kind ladies!

Anonymous said...

It is always a pleasure to see what you have created. Stunning photograph. Love the bokeh