Wednesday, February 25, 2009

54/365 Wet


This is another example of just looking around the house and making something happen. It was too cold this morning to go out with friends as we planned and I just could not get it together to get out. Ever have one of those days?? So, I walked out the door wanting a red berry and settled for these dark ones. I added the water with a spray bottle, moved to the right so I could utilize the rule of thirds. Click, click, click, click. Done.

Lesson: If you need rain, create your own. Turn on a sprinkler, pull out a spray bottle and ask your kid to pump. Get used to thinking on your feet and improvise!

Tomorrow: Something square.


Tammey said...

Fantastic! Amazing color, dof, texture - love it!

Jodie's 365 Project said...

Beautiful! Your shots inspire me.

Jane said...

Wonderful DOF and sharp in just the right places! Nice!

Anonymous said...

one word BEAUTIFUL