Wednesday, February 4, 2009

35/365 Green


Okay, today should be orange day, but I missed it. This day was packed with errands so I improvised and change the day to green! I ordered new shopping bags (no more plastic for us; we're "green" in that area)! The bags arrived just in time for our trip to the market. I happened to have the yoga mat still in the car, so today became green day!

Lesson: Find ways not to be wasteful. Every little bit helps!

Tomorrow: street scene


Lanna said...

I like the greens! We're "green" too in the shopping bag dept. Trying in other areas as well. I just made my own laundry soap! Where did you get your bags?

Jo-Anne Price said...

Love the textures and how the green mat enhances the other colors!

Anonymous said...

Those bags are awesome. Gotta get me some :o) The matt really makes the veggies pop.

Andrea said...

Hi Lanna!

I make my own laudry soap too. Love it!

Thanks for stopping by ladies. The bags are from Frontier an organic wholesaler of personal products, herbs and spices, and shopping bags!

Pam said...

Great photo--you're so creative! I wish I could see ways to make my errands into cool photo opps!