Sunday, February 8, 2009

38/365 Tree


When all else fails, photograph a tree! I said I wouldn't do it, but compared to the other image I shot today this one wins--hands down! Not that it's spectacular, but it's a huge improvement over the other one. I was not really feeling well today and that effected the way I viewed the world around me. The other image is quite "blah".

I was drawn by all of the nests in the tree and as I looked up at them all, I noticed the clouds behind. I thought it would make it more interesting to shoot up at the tree instead of shooting head on. It looks sort of like the trees are dancing among the clouds. Looking up actually helped to lift my spirits. Played around in photoshop to get the final effect that I liked.

Lesson: Life is full of hills and valleys. Keep your eyes lifted up even in the valleys.

Tomorrow: Abstract.


Jane said...

That's a lovely photograph. The lighting is perfect. Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

The clouds look painted. Well done

Jo-Anne Price said...

Great photo and love the clouds!