Thursday, February 12, 2009

42/365 Black


I love the way my eye is developing just as a result of using my camera every day. I'm seeing possibilities where I've never seen them before and 40 days into it I'm still having fun exploring and learning!

Lesson: Walk around your subject and shoot from different angles. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Tomorrow: Recycle


Anonymous said...

Your lesson learned makes me feel better. I will take 25 shots of the same thing from all different angles until, all of the sudden,...there it is. The "money shot". I always kick myself for not seeing that without the other 24 shots. I will kick myself no more :o)

Lanna said...

I totally agree with eye development as a result of this project! I seem to see photos everywhere but unfortunately don't have time to capture them all. I am enjoying your commentary each day too :)

Jo-Anne Price said...

I do the same thing lol. My dh and dd always ask me why I take so many pictures lol. I tell them because I want to get just the right one lol! I am also seeing things that my eyes have passed over before. I love your "lessons", thanks!

Bye the way ... what is today's picture of?

Jodie's 365 Project said...

Yep, I know what you mean. Using the camera daily is definitely a plus. I find myself looking for good angles throughout the day, and I'm always thing, "hey! there's a good shot!" lol