Friday, May 22, 2009

125/365 White


This is a difficult age to photograph. A good way to contain them so that you have time to actually capture the beauty is to pull out a chair. I happened to have one that matched her outfit. I'm not sure about the pillow, so I took some without. Photography is about experimenting. You don't always know what will or will not work, so you just try a few things out.

Lesson: Good photographs are seen in the mind's eye before the shutter is tripped...

--Source Unknown


Ken said...

You did great! The pillow works too, but maybe better if she were interacting with it, but we can't expect miracles! :) Very cute and full of expressive energy.

Andrea said...

Ah...thanks Ken! I agree with your thoughts on the pillow. Maybe even a smaller one would have looked nicer.

I'll keep trying new things and eventually it will all come together consistently!

~Christina~ said...

For me its pefect! Beautiful!