Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5/365 Commitment


So, I dropped off my last attempt at 365 and here I am to start anew in 2010!

This is my wedding ring. I've always loved the emerald and did not want a traditional stone, setting or band. Although I don't believe you have to have a ring to show that you are married, I do like the ring as a symbol of my commitment to my staunchest supporter of 12 years. Wow! Has it been that long?

My work improved last year and then I see that I hit a plateau of sorts. I hope I will spring out of my rut and create some new things that make me smile. I am committed to the success of this project!


Shauntelle said...

Wow, Andrea, beautiful photo and wedding ring!

Andrea said...

Hi Shauntelle! Good to see you and thank you!

Caroline said...

So nice to see you back! You have inspired in the past...looking forward to your gorgeous photos!

Andrea said...

Hi Caroline!

I was just looking at your site and admiring your beautiful images. I've missed so much. Congratulations on your book!

Thank you so much for stopping by to take a look.

Kendra said...

Beautiful shot, amazing ring!

(my birthstone so I'm especially fond of this shot :))

Glad to see a 365 friend.