Wednesday, July 1, 2009

138/365 Vaquero


The Spanish equivalent of cowboy, in case anyone is wondering.

I was shopping for jewelry when I saw this beautiful man riding down the street on his horse. Later that day I spotted him again sitting on a wall, but I didn't realize (until I put this storyboard together just moments ago) that it was the same man. There were several men on the wall with their horses, but I was drawn to this one. I thought he was incredibly handsome in all of his white. His white hair topping his brown skin just added to his distinct look. I was so happy when he agreed to share his image with me.

Lesson: Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.

--Eleanor Roosevelt


Anonymous said...

I often look at an elderly (or even just an adult) person and try to see the child they once were. If you look into his eyes you can see him. BTW the black and white shows great character

Toni said...

You have some wonderful images here (and words, too). Ken was right - he told me to check you out and I'm glad I did.

Ken said...

Andrea, wonderful execution. I am torn between, which image shold be color and which B&W. I can see it both ways. Oh, and I see, my posse have arrived! :)

Andrea said...

LOL! Your posse! Thank you Ken! I can't wait to check out everyone's blogs. I know I will be in for a treat!

Thanks for stopping by Toni!

Hi Karen! Aren't his eyes wonderful?? I don't normally crop that tightly, but I loved his strong gaze and wanted to draw attention to the eyes.