Wednesday, June 17, 2009

136/365 Garden


A vision that I've held for about a year manifested today with the help of Martin! Martin has started a new business that I hope will take off exponentially! He's building and helping people to maintain their own raised beds. He filled mine today with veggies for the summer. Yes, we're a little late getting them in, but that's okay! As I said, it's a dream realized and I am elated! Thanks Martin!

Lesson: Our dreams truly are illustrations of coming attractions. Hold tightly to them and never let them go!


Karen said...

What a pretty little garden. I love the capture with the sun flare

Ken said...

What a great capture of a tasty endeavor. Can I ask a website question? What font are you using? I find it very pleasing and perfect for all your images.

Lanna said...

How Fun! Reminds me that I need to go pull weeds out of mine!!!