Thursday, April 23, 2009

103/365 Muse


Webster defines the word muse as a source of inspiration. There are many people who inspire me and yesterday I found an object that really spoke to me as I took a closer look at a little shop that I pass by frequently. The object is a work of art, a woman made of iron who seems to be filled with energy and has really crazy hair. On the front of her body you can see the words "DREAMS DO COME TRUE". She reminded me of me! I will have her one day soon and she will stand in my home and eventually near my home studio. She will remind me that I am pursuing a dream.

The owner of this wonderful antique store is standing next to my muse. I enjoyed chatting with her and listening to her story about how she came to acquire this house filled with unique art. I had to capture this moment in time! The spunky owner agreed to be photographed and thought it would be cool to stand next to my muse. Click!

Lesson: Dreams are like may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.
--Unknown Source


shawna365 said...

What a cool muse! This is an adorable shop. I would love to have something like this near my home. Or just near my town. LOL.

I love your blog. :-)

JustLocs said...

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! I love it. I can so relate to this picture. In a weird way, she is telling me that it is okay to be individually quirky. I LOVE IT!!!