Saturday, February 28, 2009

57/365 Me


Of course this is not an image I took with my camera, but it was created (to some extent) in photoshop and it is an image. So it counts as my photo of the day. These are just some of the words I would use to describe me and a few words that are important to me.

You can create your own word cloud by going here.

Lesson: Learn to love all of the parts that make!

Tomorrow: water

Friday, February 27, 2009

56/365 Color


It rained here all day. I had an idea that I wanted to try outside with one of my pinwheels, but it never stopped raining long enough for me to set up. So Plan B.

The first image is one I see every night and every morning because I taped it to the door of my bedroom. My youngest son drew it for me after I asked him to draw something for me a few months ago. I was beyond pleased to see this masterpiece and I was especially impressed with the way he decided to deal with the clouds and the sky! I love the awesome colors and the huge sun setting the sky ablaze.

I wanted to see the pinwheels alone in the grass, but it was too wet for me to get really down on their level and still be protected from the rain. I wasn't willing to sit the camera on the wet ground either. Now that the time has passed, I have all sorts of ideas regarding how I could have handled this situation. Ah well, tomorrow is another day!

The sun energizes me and these colors were the closest I could get to that sun today.

Lesson: Without the rain, you couldn't very well look forward to the sunny days.

Tomorrow: Me

Thursday, February 26, 2009

55/365 Kitty


I love the freedom that goes along with childhood. Freedom to choose your own clothes without caring what other people may think about your really cool outfit. Freedom to pimp your headband with a gorgeous polka dotted bow. Freedom to don the Hello Kitty boots and to strike a pose--any pose!

My Thursday assignment was to find something square to photograph, however, I could not pass up the opportunity to capture this cutey in her adorable outfit.

Lesson: When working with children, follow their lead. They have amazing ideas about what makes a great image. Also, work quickly because things can change with them in minutes. I missed her beautiful smile by a couple of seconds, but I'm still pleased with what she gave me.

Tomorrow: I'm not sure...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

54/365 Wet


This is another example of just looking around the house and making something happen. It was too cold this morning to go out with friends as we planned and I just could not get it together to get out. Ever have one of those days?? So, I walked out the door wanting a red berry and settled for these dark ones. I added the water with a spray bottle, moved to the right so I could utilize the rule of thirds. Click, click, click, click. Done.

Lesson: If you need rain, create your own. Turn on a sprinkler, pull out a spray bottle and ask your kid to pump. Get used to thinking on your feet and improvise!

Tomorrow: Something square.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

53/365 Woollyhead


Craspedia. Craspedia is a genus of daisies commonly known as billy buttons or woollyheads.

I always believed that I love what I do, however, it has come to my attention lately that I truly do enjoy the relationship I have with my camera. When I'm feeling especially tense, I've noticed that I start to calm down and disconnect from my cares when my camera is in my hands.

Lesson: Give into your passion. You may discover that you truly do love what you do. You may discover that you are beginning to bloom and to effect those around you positively.

Tomorrow: People.

Monday, February 23, 2009

52/365 Untitled


I couldn't think of a name for these images so I went with the default name that pops up when saving things in Photoshop! I'm so clever. :-) I loved this old rusty car next to the rusting structure right beside it. I just happened to notice the sign as I was shooting and pulled it into the frame for some "humor".

The office buildings you see on the right are just minutes away from the old car. I initially thought they had lots of interesting symmetry going on, but once I got home and really examined the image, I wasn't so happy. Personally I think there's way too much going on here. Too many different patterns, too many different lines, too many bushes and trees that don't really add to the architecture at all. To top it all off the 5 connected buildings are all different colors. I converted it to black and white to "calm" the image down some, but it's still rather busy, imo.

Lesson: Try to find the angles that will bring out the best in your image. How can you shoot your subject so that the mundane is interesting? How will you process the image to add even more interest? Just a few things to think about AS you are shooting... try to keep the final image in mind.

Tomorrow: Macro. Really!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

52/365 Medicine


I have finally realized that the one thing that works best for my moods is exercise! I discovered exercise in college and haven't stopped since that time (more than 20 years ago--shhhh). I've been off the wagon for about a year and have just recently started back again. I've already lost 5 pounds with 8 more to go! My reward after I've reached my goal? A visit to a spa in Mexico! I must say it's the perfect incentive to help me roll out of bed and into the gym.

My other favorite medicine? My books and my journal! I usually read 3-4 at a time and always have at least one with me. If I forget to pack my seat with books, I have a book bag that's always in the car and holds 1 or two books. I also listen to books on CD or tape when I drive. I learned this lesson from hubby who always has his trusty book bag of books with him.

Lesson: Always make time to take care of yourself, especially if you're a mom!

Tomorrow: I can't seem to stay on track with my assignments, so we'll just see what life blows my way.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

51/365 Girlz


At the beginning of 2008 I resolved to set aside time with friends once a month. As 2009 gets into full swing I am pleased to say that I've only missed a couple of months in a years time! I so look forward to those times away when I can really hear other voices and respond without looking at my watch or thinking about my next stop. Since I made the commitment to me, I now have 3 different sets of friends with whom I connect. Each group offers something uniquely different and I'm encouraged with every encounter.

Tonight my newest group met at a restaurant in the city. You create your own Asian meal and the cooks at Chow Baby cook it up for you. It's a wonderful idea and I look forward to going to a similar restaurant on the other side of the city very soon.

On my way home I went through a very busy section of town in an attempt to avoid highway traffic. I avoided the traffic on the highway only to get stuck in traffic on the surface roads. As I sat at a light waiting to move I stuck the camera out to grab this shot of one of our latest attractions. A mini version of the Arc de Triomphe? Perhaps I'll come back one day and get out to think about the best way to capture this structure.

Lesson: Make time to nurture friendships.

Tomorrow: Fun with chalk

Friday, February 20, 2009

50/365 Success


Success is getting out of bed every day and spending time doing what you love. Each day I get to experience AHA! moments with my children. I get to hear their every conversation and to see their eyes light up when they discover something for the very first time. I'm still here to wipe away tears, to climb trees and ride bikes. Success is pulling out my camera each day, purposefully finding ways to bring my imagination to life. Looking for ways to pull ideas together, growing more unafraid of failing because tomorrow is another day.

My definition of success is evolving. I'm not in a hurry to completely define it, I'm enjoying the process. The image today represents a small victory for me. Well, it's a great victory! This is a project that I planned to complete in the spring of 2008, but it never got off the ground for various reasons. Today I completed 12 proposal letters, addressed 12 envelopes and stuffed 12 bags with sample images and business cards.

I have had the recent pleasure of working with a phenomenal business coach. A woman who is committed to helping other moms find individual success in their respective businesses. She understands passion and she knows what it's like for a woman to want to push her own desires aside while tending to the needs of others. Thankfully she won't allow me to just toss my passion aside without first examining the reasons behind such a decision. More often than not the reason to lay ones passion aside stems from fear. Fear that the children will be damaged if I take an assignment or fear that hubby can't possibly cook his own meal, much less a few meals for the whole family! I've been afraid for a long time of fully being ME. I've quieted my desires and tried to put out the flames that burn inside of me, telling myself that I'll get to it later. What if later never comes?

I'm gathering the courage to put one foot in front of the other and I'm taking the kids with me! Hubby has always cheered for me and now I'm accepting the cheers as an invitation to take off! I'm fully embracing being a mom and entrepreneur. Next, I'll consciously work on becoming a better wife, daughter and friend. That may not be the *right* order, but it's the order for me, for now.

Thank you to The Business Coach for Moms! I appreciate being catapulted to success! The view from the top is nice indeed! :-)

Lesson: Examine the fear. Get the lesson it brings. Move forward.

Tomorrow: More macro.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

49/365 Umbrella


This wasn't taken today, but it was processed today! I'm off to bed. It's been a long day. I wanted an urban feel to the processing of this image--sort of white washed, faded color. I'm still trying to decide if I like it! to bed!

Lesson: Find constructive ways to overcome procrastination!

Tomorrow: Something in the city.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

48/365 Wall


I'm behind on some work so I'm being a little lazy. I saw this wall and decided that it would be my PAD. It reminds me of a wall one might see in New Orleans. It gave me a chance to play a little with colors in photoshop.

Lesson: I actually did not have time to even think today! Go. Go. Go.

Tomorrow: Something inside so that I can stay warm and dry! Let's go with something square.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

47/365 Opposites


Well, life doesn't always go as planned! I didn't get a chance to get a shot of an interesting building today, so I went to plan B.

Lesson: Sometimes the path is straight and other times a curve (or two) will get thrown into the mix. Be content with the part of the path you're currently on.

Tomorrow: Friends

Monday, February 16, 2009

46/365 Soon


The trees and flowers are ready, but it feels like we have another cold spell coming. Whenever I go out to do macro work, the wind inevitably begins to blow my subject around, but I managed to get one that I liked before it got too cold and terribly windy.

I decided I'd like to enter a competition next year at our annual flower show. One of the ladies in my photography club has won for the past few years. I'm practicing now so that I can give her a run for her money!

Lesson: Keep a grand vision!

Tomorrow: Architecture

Sunday, February 15, 2009

45/365 Family


This is almost my family. I got this idea while we were out getting ice cream, without dad. Fortunately my children are used to posing for me and are so open to trying new things.

Lesson: Parent with purpose. Always let your children know that they are a priority.

Tomorrow: Hmm....?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

43/365 Fence


Today I had an idea to photograph some things at the recycling center in the city. When I arrived, I was greeted by a huge "NO PHOTOGRAPHY" sign. I accepted it and moved on.

To put it mildly, it's been a tough week. It was such a joy to get out with friends tonight just to connect without distractions. We talked for 4 hours! It was wonderful. Before I made it to the restaurant I was feeling like I was walking outside of myself. Here, but not really here. Needing to deal with reality, but wanting to walk away. Wanting to open the fence (or climb it) to get to the silence--the quiet place on the other side. I almost canceled my outing with the girls because I wasn't in the best of moods. I decided to be authentic and to go anyway arm-in-arm with my bad mood! I decided to give them me and it was okay! I was welcomed with opened arms and reassuring hugs!

Lesson: Life is about building and nurturing relationships. Quiet times are great, but they should be balanced with times of reaching out and allowing others in.

Tomorrow: Macro practice.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

42/365 Black


I love the way my eye is developing just as a result of using my camera every day. I'm seeing possibilities where I've never seen them before and 40 days into it I'm still having fun exploring and learning!

Lesson: Walk around your subject and shoot from different angles. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Tomorrow: Recycle

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

41/365 Scarlet


Not quite red, but close. I was out in the backyard exploring and looking for something red when I came upon one of the signs of spring. The trees are beginning to come alive again and I love it. I saw the interesting shape made by the 4 leaves and decided this would be my image of the day. I didn't like the background, so I pulled some green pine needles from a neighboring tree and placed them a few inches behind the bud. When I was about to snap, the wind blew and the needles shook and so did the little bud. It's not as sharp as it could be (partly due to the chosen aperture and partly due to the sudden and unexpected movement), but I liked the effect from the blowing needles behind.

Lesson: Get accustomed to seeing beauty wherever you are, even in your own backyard.

Tomorrow: Something black.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

40/365 Mellow


This came as an afterthought. I wanted a change of pace today, so we stayed on schedule for the first part of the day and tossed the schedule for the second half. We went out to lunch and then to the park to play! The weather was beautiful and photography wasn't really on my mind.

I put together a composite of the new restaurant we visited today. There's one important element missing: the pizza! You can't photograph a pizza shop without getting a shot of the pizza or the guys tossing the dough in the air. Live and learn!

Lesson: Think your project through before (and as) you shoot! I am posting this as a reminder for myself.

Tomorrow: Something red.

Monday, February 9, 2009

39/365 Aroma


I purchased a few aroma therapy candles just to try them out. As it turns out, I love the aroma of these soy candles and I'll purchase more. My favorite is the orange/lemongrass which you see lit here. The flower was left over from a few weeks ago so I just threw it in to give some extra *umph* to the image. I shot these candles in a few different ways and I liked something about each of the ways I set them up. It was actually fun trying to come up with creative ways to photograph something simple. I love the beautiful light that flows through my bathroom after 3:00 p.m.

Lesson: Photograph something everyday. You will learn things that you didn't even know you didn't know!

Tomorrow: We'll see...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

38/365 Tree


When all else fails, photograph a tree! I said I wouldn't do it, but compared to the other image I shot today this one wins--hands down! Not that it's spectacular, but it's a huge improvement over the other one. I was not really feeling well today and that effected the way I viewed the world around me. The other image is quite "blah".

I was drawn by all of the nests in the tree and as I looked up at them all, I noticed the clouds behind. I thought it would make it more interesting to shoot up at the tree instead of shooting head on. It looks sort of like the trees are dancing among the clouds. Looking up actually helped to lift my spirits. Played around in photoshop to get the final effect that I liked.

Lesson: Life is full of hills and valleys. Keep your eyes lifted up even in the valleys.

Tomorrow: Abstract.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

38/365 Yellow


I am discovering how calming photography is for me. Saturday's are a day of rest for us. It's a slow and quiet day and I actually look forward to just being with my camera. On other days, I'm usually pulled in several directions--all day, but Saturdays are wonderfully different.

Still getting to know my macro lens and what it can do. I loved the way the light from the sun made the symmetrical patterns on the bush behind the Kangaroo Paws. I wanted to back light the plant and got the added bonus of the flare from the sun.

Lesson: Pay attention to the light. It does some really beautiful and unexpected things.

Tomorrow: Slice of life

Friday, February 6, 2009

37/365 Quiet


I love this nursery. It was an abandoned gas station and stood untouched for years in the midst of a wonderful historic neighborhood. A woman with a green thumb envisioned her own business in this spot and the rest is history. The Potting Shed is closed until March and here are some of the details.

Lesson: When creating storyboards have a story already in mind.

Tomorrow: Something yellow.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

36/365 Alone


Have you ever felt alone when you were surrounded by people. We've spent way too much time out and about these last few weeks. Even when we stop for a moment to connect with friends there is always this feeling of needing to get somewhere else. None of us are fully present!

So with another jam packed day I didn't have time just to stop and really look around for my street scene.

Lesson: Balance is key to living life to the fullest. Always make sure you intentionally plan times of relaxation.

Tomorrow: My bed?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

35/365 Green


Okay, today should be orange day, but I missed it. This day was packed with errands so I improvised and change the day to green! I ordered new shopping bags (no more plastic for us; we're "green" in that area)! The bags arrived just in time for our trip to the market. I happened to have the yoga mat still in the car, so today became green day!

Lesson: Find ways not to be wasteful. Every little bit helps!

Tomorrow: street scene

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

34/365 Gas


Ah yes...the old fashioned gas pumps. I had the site all picked out and ready for my first senior session. She happened to be wearing the perfect outfit for the old, abandoned gas station and I badly overexposed the 7 shots I took in that location. I wanted to cry when I uploaded my cards! I had been so excited about finally using this spot that I just clicked, clicked, clicked without checking the exposure! Even shooting RAW, the images could not be repaired. Oh well...

Lesson: Always be aware of your camera settings, especially if you're on manual!

Tomorrow: Something orange.

Monday, February 2, 2009

33/365 Leaf


Still playing with the macro lens and learning how to bring what I see in my head onto paper. I really wanted the drop of water to be a little more round, but the wind started blowing just as I began to experiment so I decided to just take the shot. I'll try again soon though because I'm determined to master macro!

Lesson: Be prepared to put in the time to compose the shot you really want and don't just settle for anything. Sometimes creating beautiful images takes time and considerable effort. Ansel makes it look so easy!

Tomorrow: Something blue

Sunday, February 1, 2009

32/365 Eye


I finally got to photograph a Senior today! She was so much fun and had a gorgeous smile. This is my favorite shot so far--just got started proofing!

Lesson: Always shoot for your portfolio when you're out on a job. Get what the client likes and then get some things that you like. Play around and experiment!

Tomorrow: Something green.